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The Future of Natural Stone in Construction and Design

The Current Landscape of Natural Stone Natural stone has been a cornerstone in the construction and design industry, renowned for its durability and aesthetic appeal. From historical monuments to modern residential projects, natural stone’s versatility has made it a timeless choice for both functionality and beauty. The market for natural stone, including marble, granite, and …

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Travertine Natural Stone : The Elegance, Durability, and timeless Beauty of a Vesatile Material Travertine, a natural stone used for centuries in various architectural and decorative applications, remains a popular choice for homeowners, architects, and designers seeking an elegant and durable material. This article explores the numerous benefits of travertine natural stone, highlighting its versatility, …


an image of perspolice historical building made of stone

Why Iranian Natural Stone?

Iran is known for its various natural resources, and also one of the most notable of these is its deposits of natural and decorative stone. The region is among the top 10 countries in terms of confirmed reserves of natural stones, producing more than 13.5 million metric tons of stone annually from more than 1600 active quarries.