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this is a building in Iran Made of stone with a nice architecture.

Natural Stone Industry In Iran

Natural Stone Industry In Iran

A Cream Marble Quarry In Iran

Iran's Building Stone Resources

In this article we are trying to give you a summary about dimension stone industry in Iran. After reading this text you will understand it was not by chance that  Iran is among the leaders in building stone industry. The natural stone industry in Iran offers a wide range of products. It is because of different kinds of marbles, travertines, granites and onyxes quarried there. Iran is known for it’s high-quality natural stone which is used in construction both interior and exterior design. the industry provides employment opportunities and contributes to the country’s economy. with  abundant resources and skilled work forces, Iran’s natural stone industry continues to be like an significant leader in the global market.

There are around 1000 active quarries in Iran, producing all kind of marble, travertine, crystalline marbles, limestones, granites and any kind of other natural building stones. So Iran is among the top leaders in case of supplying building stone raw materials and finished products. Distribution of quarries in Iran are all around the country.

Natural Stone factories In Iran As An Prominent Supplier of Natural Stone Materials.

 there are approximately 4000 active processing factories in natural stone industry in Iran. they produce various types of dimension stones in the form of slabs and tiles. All kinds of  finishes like polished, honed, sandblasted, brushed, and also bush hammered is available. Among all of these factories 20% of them produce slabs while 80% produce cut-to-size tiles.

Building Stone Factory Plants In Iran
Building Stone Trading

Exporting capacities In Dimension Stone Industry In Iran

Numerous companies are engaged in trading building stones and introducing valuable materials from Iran to the global market. When it comes to exporting, dimension stones must process in high-quality , precise cut-to-size and also thickness. The Quarry and factory should also have enough potential to supply large-scale projects. Suppliers in Iran strive to offer the best service and good quality at competitive prices to meet the needs of any projects.

this is a building in Iran Made of stone with a nice architecture.
Dimension Stone Usages In Projects

Architects who are looking for to bring life to any project can not deny Iranian stunning building stones. they have a variety of colors, and elegance in every vein which are perfect to elevate any space. The combination of colors and patterns  also exist in marbles quarried in Iran which add a touch of sophistication and also serenity to any of their choice.

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There are also so many workshops in Iran producing some precious countertops and any other accessories which offer customers the home of their dreams.

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