Natural Stone Design Inpiration Gallery

Whenyou want to choose the best natural stone for your invironment sometimes you have no idea that how is it going to end up in your design!you have the main idea but the colors and patterns of the stone that cached your eye and the varieties of it can make you dizzy .

Hoortash stone team made this gallery to help you out through your options and give you the idea of how each stone and its colorful patterns going to be seen in your design.

Natural Stones has a lot of variety in the pattern and colors and you can use it in your interior architectural designs, interior or exterior it has many charms the me your design timeless.

each product has it’s own pattern and shades and it’s own uses for your architectural or constructional project.

For example you can use Granite mostly for the exterior flooring part because it has less variety in color and has the most resistance texture.

the Onyx stone has the most use in the exterior, countertops and such as because of its complicated patterns and of course the transparency that it has, it can be used for a lot of lighting purposes in the exterior design.

travertine is used when you want to add bolder touch of nature to your design specially when it is used with unfilled and honed finishing

Explore The Beauty Of Natural Stone In Your Space

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