Hoortash stone trading group

We happily invite you to visit our facilities by traveling to Iran. You can see our manufacturing and commercial space 
closely and get to know about our potential and capabilities in the field.

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Provide the best natural stones

Hoortash Stone Trading Group with more than 6 years of experience , exporting to different countries, we have provided the conditions in which you will experience a new kind of business in a win-win situation.The business interaction takes place in www.hoortashstone.com . A market that has become an exhibition of the best Iranian stone products through working with the best Iranian producers.Utilizing cutting edge machinery and state-of-the-art production facilities plus obtaining credible qualitative and managerial certifications , have provided us with the opportunity to serve our customers from all the world . In our turn, we provide them with marketing and sales services and make a safe and smooth purchase possible for you. .

  • Why hoortash?
    Our customers say that before they work with us they used to lose a significant portion of their customers for lack of product diversity. We have solved this problem for them since our diverse range of products has given new looks to their stores and warehouses.
    Our customers say that before working with us, considering the traditional nature of market, they used to consider buying from Iran a risk, but we have solved that problem for them as well.
    We believe in win-win situations, and we consider ourselves to be, in the first place, your advisor not your salesperson.